[MSX] uzix dosdir etc.

Diederick de Vries msx@stack.nl
Mon Apr 7 09:54:01 2003

Hi all,=20

I've been trying to copy some files from a dos partition to my uzix parti=
but can't even get dosdir to work. The manpage says `A drivecode of A cau=
the program to use /dev/dosA, for example, a link to /dev/fd0.' So I made=
dosA a hard link to /dev/fd0 and typed dosdir A, but sash reported=20

cannot open /dev/dosA: No such device or address.

I boot from A (partition 0), uzix is installed on C (partition 2). Can an=
tell me what I'm dong wrong?

Greetings, Diederick de Vries, Groningen