[MSX] uzix dosdir etc.

Adriano Camargo Rodrigues da Cunha msx@stack.nl
Tue Apr 8 01:06:03 2003

> I've been trying to copy some files from a dos partition to my uzix partition, 
> but can't even get dosdir to work. The manpage says `A drivecode of A causes 
> the program to use /dev/dosA, for example, a link to /dev/fd0.' So I made 
> dosA a hard link to /dev/fd0 and typed dosdir A, but sash reported 

/dev/dosA is not created by default in UZIX installation. You must do it using
dosdir /dev/fd0 should work. dosdir a: also should work.
BUT fd# is only for floppy devices. If you wanna list the contents of you HD
partition 0, you should do a dosdir /dev/hda0 (since UZIX is installed on your
partition 2, it's installed on /dev/hda2).
Another remark: forget DOS mapping for floppies when using UZIX. The "a:"
drive above means "/dev/fd0", that DOS NOT means your MSXDOS drive A:,
but your first floppy-drive (that could be G: under MSXDOS, for example).

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