[MSX] Illusion City musics in MP3

Roel de Wit msx@stack.nl
Thu Apr 17 09:37:01 2003


This brings me to the following question.. When I hook up my Roland MT-32 to
my Turbo-R I get a buffer overflow/underrun (been a long time, don't
remember) when the game starts. Because of this the sounds aren't totally
programmed. Has anybody got any idea what's causing this ? Also I'm looking
for a 'bug free' version of Illusion City since mine has 'garbled'
graphics.. Same counts for my Seed of Dragon, also corrupt..

I've also heard it's possible to use MIDI output with games like Xak 3.. Is
this true and if so how do I do this ? I also have a Music Module assuming
it's MSX Audio support that's included. Anyway, an help would be

Grtzzz Roel...

> For those who are interested on, I put the 26 MIDIs of Illusion City in
> MP3 format in the page. The MP3 were kindly recorded from a Roland MT-64
> module by Jorrith Schaap, and they sound very very very cool.
> Take a look at:
> http://www.alsoftware.com.br/adrianpage/illusioncity/