[2] [MSX] Illusion City musics in MP3

Francisco Alvarez msx@stack.nl
Thu Apr 17 10:20:02 2003

"Roel de Wit" <roel@utopiasd.com> wrote on 17/04/03 9:38:41:
>This brings me to the following question.. When I hook up my Roland MT-32 to
>my Turbo-R I get a buffer overflow/underrun (been a long time, don't
>remember) when the game starts. Because of this the sounds aren't totally
>programmed. Has anybody got any idea what's causing this ? Also I'm looking
>for a 'bug free' version of Illusion City since mine has 'garbled'
>graphics.. Same counts for my Seed of Dragon, also corrupt..

There are two original versions of Illusion City. 2 disks change from first release to the second, being the 
bugfixing hte main update. But even the second revision still has some bugs. If you want a bugfree 
version, you should use the one that Martos fixed which should be spreaded.
About Seed of Dragon... ehrm... I am sure that I have a good version over here... but I think that it was 
uploaded too to Funet (where the original disks are).

>I've also heard it's possible to use MIDI output with games like Xak 3.. Is
>this true and if so how do I do this ? I also have a Music Module assuming
>it's MSX Audio support that's included. Anyway, an help would be

Xak 3 has only Midi music in the intro if I remember it well. But I only saw it in MSX meetings, I am not 
experienced using midi. Of course always using TurboR GT + Midi.