[2] [MSX] Illusion City musics in MP3

Laurens Holst msx@stack.nl
Thu Apr 17 18:19:01 2003

Oh, can you put the 'good' version on Funet then???



Ivan Latorre wrote:
> Francisco Alvarez wrote:
>> "Roel de Wit" <roel@utopiasd.com> wrote on 17/04/03 9:38:41:
>>> Hi,
>>> This brings me to the following question.. When I hook up my Roland
>>> MT-32 to my Turbo-R I get a buffer overflow/underrun (been a long
>>> time, don't remember) when the game starts. Because of this the
>>> sounds aren't totally programmed. Has anybody got any idea what's
>>> causing this ? Also I'm looking for a 'bug free' version of
>>> Illusion City since mine has 'garbled' graphics.. Same counts for
>>> my Seed of Dragon, also corrupt.. 
>> There are two original versions of Illusion City. 2 disks change
>> from first release to the second, being the bugfixing hte main
>> update. But even the second revision still has some bugs. If you
>> want a bugfree version, you should use the one that Martos fixed
>> which should be spreaded. About Seed of Dragon... ehrm... I am sure
>> that I have a good version over here... but I think that it was
>> uploaded too to Funet (where the original disks are).  
> Both games are corrupted in funet. I think that I have this bug free
> version of Illusion City by Martos (on a CD compilation called
> "Legacy"). 
> Greets
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