[2] [MSX] Illusion City musics in MP3

Roel de Wit msx@stack.nl
Thu Apr 17 18:29:01 2003


> >I've also heard it's possible to use MIDI output with games like Xak 3..
> >this true and if so how do I do this ? I also have a Music Module
> >it's MSX Audio support that's included. Anyway, an help would be
> >appreciated..
> Xak 3 has only Midi music in the intro if I remember it well. But I only
saw it in MSX meetings, I am not
> experienced using midi. Of course always using TurboR GT + Midi.

Hmm if anybody know anything about this I'd appreciate that.. Not that's of
any use to have only MIDI in the intro but it's just cool :)

Grtzzzz Roel...