Re[2]: [2] [MSX] Illusion City musics in MP3

Roel de Wit
Thu Apr 17 21:26:01 2003


>> > Oh, can you put the 'good' version on Funet then???
>> Yes please :)
>Da! Spasibo! ("Yes please" in russian).
>Da, multumesc! ("Yes please" in romanian).
>Eh? Dude! (same - Canadian)
>Offtopic: Roel, are you going to do anything with GUS Utopia Soundbank.

Wow, this is the last place I thought to find somebody that still recognised
my named from the old GUS PnP days.

>I would suggest putting all programs source code on as GNU
software and sell soundbank itself as a low cost ($5 paypal) products. You
will get some new customers this way :) And help keeping GUS community
strong in 21 century!

There is a problem with the GUS related source codes. I got them under NDA
which allowed the sources only to be released from my website. I'm currently
working on a new website which will be available from a new server (our
inofficial development page is currenty on the server.. temporary url is: when it goes up there will be plenty of
free space to put them online again. I originally took them offline because
Gravis forwarded all their tech-support emails to me which wasn't the deal I
made with them. On some point there were more than 50 emails a day which was
the point I stopped all of it. The new website will also have some kind of
GUS musseum and other stuff. I've collected a lot of rare cards in the last
years (pre-production stuff), got lot's of pictures from the Gravis Canada
HQ (finally know the faces behind the legendary names:)). Perhaps the most
incredible thing is that I can get a hand made version of the successor of
the GUS MAX with 2 MB RAM onboard.. I just can't afford the costs to let
them ship it to me right now..  Regarding selling Utopia Soundbank again.
What's for sure is that we won't give it away for free since it's basically
the base for Utopia Live! which is still selling. I'll think of making it
available cheaply but it won't happen within a month.

Btw.. some of the stuff we released is still at This
includes the GUS PnP WDM driver and the GUS MAX v2.1 driver 'hack' I made.
Perhaps you or somebody else could update the GUS FAQ (Russian one) with
this info.

Roel / Utopia Sound Division