[MSX] Illusion City musics in MP3

Jorrith Schaap msx@stack.nl
Thu Apr 17 21:41:01 2003


> > Just 2 things here: first of all, the module is a Roland CM-64, not an
> MT-64 (there's no MT-64 and the songs sound less good on an MT-32) :)
> > Second of all, because there seems to be quite some interest, I've
> uploaded both the Illusion City MIDIs and the 4 Gazzel MIDIs to funet in one
> lzh file. Enjoy them!
> Can you tell me how to obtain MIDI output from Xak 3 ?

No clue, really, I just found these MIDIs on some webpage (I think it was Jan van Valburg's page, another (ex) MSX user); however I'm guessing you should just connect the MIDI device to the MIDI out of the FS-A1GT... Anyways, the MIDI's I uploaded are the real thing, I remember reading something about them ripped directly out of the original game.