[MSX] Releases on the next Tilburg fair!

Rieks W. Torringa msx@stack.nl
Mon Apr 21 12:25:02 2003


Yup, the fair in Tilburg is next week allright. The 26th of April, to be 

After a relatively long period of silence, Sargon will be there again as 
well. We will release English translations of two new games: Hydlide 2 and 
Randar 1. The English translation of Randar 2 will be available again as 
well. Also, we will demonstrate the English translation of Rune Worth, which 
is far from finished yet.

If you want to know more about the translations, visit the Sargon homepage:
http://embark.to/samanet or


Visit Samanet - A page about Japan, MSX, Sargon, etc.

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