[MSX] RE: Releases on the next Tilburg fair! (raymond@msx4ever.xs4all.nl)

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Mon Apr 21 23:20:02 2003

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I'm wondering if there are any releases of new games or softwares on the
next Tilburg fair (if I'm not mistaken, this fair is next week!)

Post the releases in this mailing-list!

We (MSX-NBNO) have at least 1 new release, the game Cat 'n Mouse from

I hope that all msx-users in the Netherlands will come to this fair...


Hi Raymond (& Others :P)...
The MSX Affiliates Forum will announce a new contest at Tilburg ;) that
is all I can say right now ^_^
Let's hoep that not only all Dutch msx-users will visit, but also quite
some foreign users :)