[MSX] Load the Kanji Rom in some slot

Albert Beevendorp msx@stack.nl
Wed Apr 23 10:36:00 2003

At 18:43 22-4-03 +0200, you wrote:
>one person asks me if it's possible to load in ram the Kanji.rom file, from a
>floppy-disk, to have a 100% MSX2+ on a modified Philips NMS-8280 or NMS8245.
>I don't think it's possible, but since all can potentially be changed in a 

It's ONLY possible when the ram is accessed like Kanji ROM (that is, using 
their I/O ports). In any other way it's not possible to load Kanji.rom into 
ram and being able to use it like it's supposed to be.

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