[MSX] MSX Assembly Page (MAP) released!!

Laurens Holst msx@stack.nl
Wed Apr 23 18:30:02 2003

The MSX Assembly Page has finally been officially released. It can be found
on the following URL:


The MAP is a site which aims to become a comprehensive source of English,
well-formatted programming-related information for MSX programmers. It is
mainly targeted at the Assembly language (as the name implies) but you can
expect some non-assembly content in the future aswell. Also, a lot of the
currently available information can also be applied to other programming

The site is divided in several sections, Articles, Resources, Sources,
Downloads and Links, and every section has a specific selection of
information. In the Articles section you can find a number of MSX
programming-related articles, in the Resources section you can find
application manuals and other soft- and hardware documentation, and in the
Downloads section you can find several programs which can be useful when
programming for MSX.

The page is at the moment still under construction, and it will probably
always be. Some of the articles are not finished yet, and with time we will
add new articles and information, and make changes and corrections. However,
with the current content, we felt it worthwhile to release the site to the
public, so that everyone can benefit from the information already on it.
And, if you want to take a look at what we're intending to put online in the
future, you can check out the planned articles link on the main page.

As our mission statement says, we are aiming to become a source as complete
as possible, but ofcourse this takes some time and I hope we'll get some
feedback from the people who visit the MAP aswell. We are at the moment a
Netherlands-based team, with almost exclusively experience in the
assembly-language, so it is logical that we don't have complete knowledge
about everything. So if you discover an error, or feel that something is
omitted that should be on the site, feel free to email us, our address can
be found on the main page.

We hope a lot of MSX programmers will find the MSX Assembly Page a useful
source of information!

The MAP team,
Grauw, BiFi, Chaos