[MSX] Reboot dos and boot2

JP Grobler msx@stack.nl
Mon Apr 28 11:37:31 2003


I am looking for a assembler routine to reboot dos and then boot dos2
without restarting the whole system.
I get it to reboot with dos1, but a dos 2 disk returns to basic? Call System
from basic reboots dos2.

1. instert disk with dos (1/2)
2. Run program REBOOT.COM
3. Insert disk reboot has to take place from eg Dos2
4. Reboot dos


Routine that works with dos1
 LD DE,$C000
 LD C,$1A
  CALL BDOS ; fcn1A= Set DMA Address
 LD DE,$0000
 LD L,$00
 LD H,$01
 LD C,$2F
  CALL BDOS ; Read sector 0
 LD H,$40 ;
 LD A,($F348)
  CALL $0024
 LD HL,$F323
 LD DE,$F368
 LD ($F340),A
 JP $C01E

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