[MSX] Sonyc is freware!

dhau msx@stack.nl
Wed Apr 30 21:55:02 2003

Thank you, Manuel!

Now I like you a lot and want to buy a SCC/Flash cartridge from you, but I don't know Portugese (or Catalan or whatever laguage your page is... PLEASE TRANSLATE TO ENGLISH!!!).

Can you release source code for game as well??? I'm sure it could help beginner MSX programmers to pick up some great ideas.

Thanks again, and continue your great work!

Also Manuel, is it possible to make a cable and chips in your cartridge, to program it remotely from PC using parallel or serial cable? I'd pay 150$ for such cart! If it will do flashing and reset remotely - it's an ideal cross-development system for MSX!


>     From now on Sonyc is freeware. You can download it from the official
> Sonyc web. You can also get the original labels for only 1 euro