[MSX] mos6581 (sid) on MSX

Saku Taipale msx@stack.nl
Mon Aug 4 21:01:01 2003

On Mon, 4 Aug 2003, Joost Yervante Damad wrote:

> does anyone if there's ever been made a hardware device
> that makes the C64 soundchip (mos6581 aka sid) available on the MSX?


There was plans by one MSXer in UK for making this kind of cartridge.
AFAIK the cart was at least planned ready at some stage, but I have
no idea if prototype was actually built. I hope it will be finalized
some day for example in state that cartridge maker will sell kit
with pcb + other components excluding the SID. Then you would need
C64 for taking the SID and finalizing your cart...

I would definately buy such kit.

Another thing is the software for cart. There was also some talking
about who might make/help with that, but...

	Greetings: Saku Taipale, stt@damage.fi