[MSX] mos6581 (sid) on MSX

Lauri Mela msx@stack.nl
Mon Aug 4 23:57:01 2003

Ivan Latorre wrote:

> Joost Yervante Damad wrote:
>> Hi,
>> does anyone if there's ever been made a hardware device
>> that makes the C64 soundchip (mos6581 aka sid) available on the MSX?
> We have the Moon Sound cartridge, so why we need the C64 SID?
> And if I'm not mistaken even MSX-Music is better.

SID has this really unique sound to it =) I'm not really a fan of 
Moonsound because it's just too high quality for an oldschool machine 
(you know, misses the "feeling"). I'm not a fan of FM-based music too, 
sometimes it sounds too generic (but these are just my opinions...). Out 
of all possible sound chips for MSX, the SCC is my favorite.