[MSX] Finally

Laurens Holst msx@stack.nl
Tue Aug 5 18:36:04 2003

Jun Sung Kim (ؼ) wrote:
> What will I do with it?
> Ask yourself why you use MSX still... ^^

I meant to ask what your intentions were :).

> X3 is a project to make a new MSX-like system. It includes H/W and S/W
> development. X3b is the first setup toward the final X3 H/W.
> X3b M/B is a MSX2 clone. The differences are:
> - Z80380 CPU
> - no RTC.
> - More memory.

Eeehhhh??? No RTC? That's Real Time Clock, right?? Hmm that's a bit weird
:). And I think a RTC is part of the MSX2 standard... Why wouldn't you be
able to add it? Maybe you can create an even more powerful RTC, with an
large SRAM bank so it can store more settings. Kinda like the turboR SRAM,

> Currently MSX1 BIOS runs on X3b M/B although I can't type anything...
> I'll test PSG, OPLL, keyboard interface and examine if any problem
> exists to execute MSX2 BIOS.

Ah, cool.

> There is a page that describes that machine but it's under
> construction and No English Page yet sorry.

Well with some trouble I can try to read Japanese, too :). Hope to hear more
about it soon!


Ushiko-san! Kimi wa doushite, Ushiko-san nan da!!