[MSX] MSX > PC connect

Carlos de Santa-Ana García msx@stack.nl
Tue Aug 5 19:18:01 2003

At 13:05 05/08/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Laurens Holst escribió:
>>Jorge Vidal Wulff wrote:
>>>>A NULL modem Cable.
>>>NULL modem cable? is it anything like a crossover network cable (where
>>>two pairs are switched), but with telephone cable and rj-11 connectors
>>>(and some pins switched)???
>>Yes, it is. Your local computer cable supply shop should have them :).
>and which pins are switched?
>Also, it can be home-built if one has the crimpng tool... :)
Not RJ11, null modem cable avoid the use of modem coneccting directly msx 
serial to PC serial connector.