[MSX] MSX > PC connect

Carlos de Santa-Ana García msx@stack.nl
Wed Aug 6 10:45:02 2003

At 21:40 05/08/2003 +0200, you wrote:
>I get a connection using
> >         -Use MochaPPP www.mochasoft.dk
> >                  config it to use WINCE and 19200 of port speed.
> >
>  but it seem slow.

its not a mocha problem, its a INS problem.

>I get windows 98 se Dail-up server to authenticate via CHAP at 9600- 57600
>but it always exits with error:
>E=691 R=1 C=A30DF8D2DCBF42F5
>What is wrong?
you have to use 19200.

the win98se dial-up never works for me, mocha never fails. And mocha lets 
you connect to internet tru PC.

P.D. when i was writing this i have seen that mocha lets you work with FTP 
but not receive data.

It looks the only way it to let windows98 and go to linux or NT.