[MSX] Wich roms to exctract? (Yamaha network)

Jetze Mellema msx@stack.nl
Wed Aug 13 10:54:01 2003


Several people asked me for the roms of the Yamaha YIS-503IIIR so tried to
extract them. So far no problem, I used getrom.bin and it found MSX2.ROM,
MSX2EXT.ROM, DISK.ROM and a 16kB and 32kB rom. I know that the 32kB rom is
the networkinterface because it was not detected after I removed the

Does that mean that the only rom of interest is this 32kB rom, or are the
other roms also important? And how about the other 16kB rom?
Met vriendelijke groet,

Jetze Mellema
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