[MSX] Watch out with Sorcerian patch tool and HD...

Francisco Alvarez msx@stack.nl
Fri Aug 22 19:02:00 2003

"Laurens Holst" <lholst@students.cs.uu.nl> wrote on 22/08/2003 15:20:44:
>Lessons which should be learned from this:
>- if you make a patch tool, include crc checks in it.
>- use the DOS I/O routines so that keys like CTRL-STOP work as they should.
>- make an option for a target drive (not everyone has only 1 drive)

I don't know what patch is being used to do it. I provided directly the DSKs already patched to Delta Soft.
But I remember an old patch util which I think that Martos created and that one had the same problem. Of course, a 
TXT file coming with the patcher should be added to do that.

And as I remember some words back then... was not HD normally starting in C: ? LOL

Be careful man next time! ;)

Btw, lessons before testing programs:

1. Disassemble it and see what it really does, that sure helps.
2. Keep your boot partition always backuped. It is the best.



PS: Hey Laurens! I'm kidding, don't stare at me with these eyes! ^^