[MSX] MSX Resource Center

Jetze Mellema msx@stack.nl
Sun May 2 19:02:01 2004

Patriek Lesparre wrote:
> If I'm forced to, I will disclose the full history of events, but at
> this point I will not, as my intention is not to damage MRC, just to
> make aware.

Thank you very much for this contribution to the MSX community and the
readers of this mailinglist. I don't know hwo you do it but somehow you
manage to get involved in conflicts with several people. I disaprove your
attempts to spread this conflicts out as oil on water. Please stop trying to
involve more people in your personla business with the people of MRC. I said
this more than 100 times: This sh*t kills the MSX scene and sucks all the
fun out of it.

Please, stop it and remember your own words:
"However, whether my opinions are founded or unfounded, I've learned it's
best to keep them to myself, unless asked for specificly. In order to avoid
controversy, misunderstanding and prejudice, I will try to enforce this on
myself in the future, starting now."

Lets make one think clear: I admired your guts when I read the mail I cited
from. Unfortunatly I see that you have some troubles to control your fingers
at the keyboard.

Further, I hope that you can solve the conflict you have with some people
and have lots of fun in the MSX community.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Jetze Mellema
'Heel erg vette shit!'