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Sun May 2 19:42:01 2004


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> Jetze Mellema wrote:
> >Please, stop it and remember your own words:
> >"However, whether my opinions are founded or unfounded, I've learned 
> >it's best to keep them to myself, unless asked for 
> specificly. In order 
> >to avoid controversy, misunderstanding and prejudice, I will try to 
> >enforce this on myself in the future, starting now."
> I do remember my words, and have strictly lived by them since 
> I spoke them.
> This is not about my opinion, it's about me being attacked 
> and denied the right to defend myself!
> Greetz,
>          Patriek

Geesh, just shut the F*CK up.

I've only seen your name in posts about flaming, namecalling, attacking
people who actually do something and what else there is that is despicable.

I can't understand why the admins haven't already banned you from this list
as your singe intent is to put other people down, and then pretend to be a

So please, if it is all soooo incredibly hard and bad for your person, just
go away and leave others in peace, others who DO contribute to the

Stupid whining brat.