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Eduardo Mello msx@stack.nl
Mon May 3 03:55:01 2004


Ok, taking into account I have been a victim of MRC hypocrite policy myself,
I can't help but support GuyveR800.
I have been a MSX user for decades, but just because I decided to port MSX
games for the ColecoVision videogame console, MRC started to attack my
projects on every possible occasion (in addition to insinuating legal
actions against me). The strange thing is those same guys keep praising
projects like Bombaman (an obvious port of Bomberman, even with the same
graphics) and ports of SG1000 games for the MSX (even keeping the original,
copyrighted names). It's obvious to me there is a case of two weights two
measures here.
So I must agree when GuyveR800 says MRC is a hypocrite and elitist group.
IMHO MRC is more interested on protecting the interest of groups like MSX
Association and Japanese softhouses then their fellows MSX users. Just my
two cents...


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> Hello all,
> I'm very sorry to have to do this, but I'm left with no other choice. You
> deserve to know the truth...
> MSX Resource Center, also known as msx.org, is not what they pretend to
> MRC makes appeasing promises and statements over and over, which are
> false or worthless later.
> They try to keep up appearances of being a community site, but in reality
> MRC turned into a hypocrite, elitist group, who try to cover up things
> make them look bad. Now, because they know I'm right, they are trying to
> cover up me.
> On the 29th of April, Latok (Anne de Raad, MRC) wrote on the MRC forums in
> a thread in which I expressed some of the issues:
> "I'm going to lock this thread. As you can all read, there is a conflict
> between MRC and GuyveR800. We are going to try to solve things internally,
> it doesn't benefit the forum to keep this conflict as public as it is now.
> I ask everyone involved to respect the lock on the thread and let's clear
> things out as soon as possible."
> Today, I wrote a message on the forums called "Is this how you treat
> people?!" stating that MRC had not contacted me at all, and they hadn't
> replied or confirmed an email of April 25th either.
> Shortly afterwards, MRC deleted that message, obviously trying to cover up
> their bad manners and lack of communication.
> Then I recieved a mail from MRC, that among other things, stated
> (translated to english):
> "Taking into account the recent developments, we do not feel obligated, as
> Anne mentioned on the forum, to solve this case internally."
> I already had my doubts about what they meant with "solve things
> internally", but now it seems they don't feel like solving this afterall!
> As with previous communications, had I not complained about not recieving
> an answer, I probably would not have gotten one.
> "What are you trying to accomplish with this message?", you may wonder.
> MRC has on more than one occasion lied to me, falsely accused me, and
> portrayed me as a troublemaker (both to people in MRC itself and
> All I want is a public apology and full rehabilitation.
> If I'm forced to, I will disclose the full history of events, but at this
> point I will not, as my intention is not to damage MRC, just to make
> Peace,
> GuyveR800
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