[MSX] MSX Resource Center

Laurens Holst msx@stack.nl
Mon May 3 15:03:01 2004

Albert Beevendorp wrote:
> This is really way below the belt. Patriek does more for the MSX 
> Community than you can imagine and at moments like these the only thing 
> you can do is be negative about him without forgetting all the positive 
> he has done already and will do for the community.

Well, I think that apart from Herbert's post, the others raised valid 
points/opinions. And after all, GuyveR800 *did* choose to throw this in 
the open, and then you then can't expect everyone to agree with that (as 
long as they don't start swearing - oops -_-;;).

By the way, it is funny. The MSX Mailinglist may not be the best place 
to discuss something like this, because everyone receives these messages 
and you can't really choose to ignore messages on this topic. Kind of 
the downside of a mailing list I guess. Anyways, the 'funny' part (in a 
strange, twisted way, I guess :/) is that a forum would be a much more 
practical place for this, yet it apparantly cannot be discussed there 
because, well, sounds like it is being censored.

What I think about this (given the little info I have about the details) 
is that it seems to me the MRC is a bit too trigger-happy with the 
moderation, and abuses their 'power'. With the latter I mean that MRC 
basically has a lot of respect from the MSX community... if they say 
something, it is given greater weight automatically, and if they want to 
handle things professionally they hence have to be careful in what they 
say, or in the way they moderate.

What I think needs to happen... First of all, MRC apparantly does not 
see a need to resolve this, and certainly does not believe that they are 
at least also partly to blame. Maybe rethinking this would be, to put it 
lightly, a Good Idea.

Also, they need to adjust their policy. The current one for example 
states "Everything on the msx.org domain, except for reactions on 
newsposts, forum entries and files in the freeware downloads database, 
is copyrighted by The MSX Resource Center.". Following from this is that 
those three mentioned are copyrighted by the respective user, and means 
that they have to honour all requests the user has, even for deletion of 
all copyrighted material from their site. The forum edit lock after 30 
minutes is also in strong contrast with this line of the policy. In 
other words, change it (though files should ofcourse stay copyrighted), 
or live by it.

I think GuyveR800 on the other hand needs to pipe down a little. The MRC 
*is* their site, and if they don't want certain things to appear on it, 
I'd say it is basically in their rights to remove it. Ofcourse, it isn't 
exactly good for their image as an independant site when they throw free 
speech in the garbage bin (like Daniel said). Posting negative things 
about the MRC on their forum however doesn't exactly make it easy for 
them to ignore.

Also, I have my doubts that it was really nessecary to bring this in the 
open. I understand that you are frustrated by the way the MRC treats you 
lately and basically doesn't let you defend yourself. However it might 
be a (very) good idea to sometimes swallow your pride and not let the 
situation escalate further. Ofcourse, I guess it is too late now.

On the other hand, as the MRC first said they closed the discussion 
because they wanted to 'resolve it internally', and later on privately 
changed their minds, apparantly they either 1. want to resolve it in the 
open, or 2. don't want to resolve it at all, which seems quite a bad 
choice and disrespectful towards one of their prime users to boot. So, 
what are you left with then.

Btw, note that if such a thing is brought 'to the attention of the 
public', then it is kind of hard for that 'public' to make a judgement 
without knowing the details. Though I'm making a good job trying just 
that, apparantly :). And I read you wanted a "public apology and full 
rehabilitation". Well, maybe I missed something, but I didn't really see 
the MRC publicly dismiss you (what happened privately is a seperate 
matter), certainly not enough to justify such a 'public apology', so a 
demand for this does seem a bit over the top. A public apology as-in 
frontpage post at least, an apology in an appropriate forum thread (if 
they would finally allow one) would be another matter ofcourse.

> It wouldn't surprise me if Patriek decided to take all his MSX related 
> sites offline and turn his back on the community completely. It would be 
> quite a loss to the entire community, so I really hope he won't do that.

That would be soo like... er... ah, let's not go that way. Let's just 
say that if that were to happen, I'd think it were pretty hypocrite.


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