[MSX] MSX Resource Center

Patriek Lesparre msx@stack.nl
Mon May 3 16:24:01 2004

Hello everyone,

First of all, I would like to thank those who offered their support to me.

The problem I have with MRC is that they have, on more than one occasion, 
lied to me, discriminated against me, and (ab)used me. When confronted with 
these matters, they ignore me. Emails were ignored, forum posts were 
ignored and/or removed...

Only when I started making some fuss, MRC offered to solve the problems, 
but when I posted 3 days later nothing had happened, they immediately wrote 
an email in which they retracted the offer to solve things.
Their email states: (quote) "Live with it." (end quote)

I agree this is mainly (but not completely) a private matter, but I have 
swallowed my pride often enough for the interest of MRC and the MSX scene.
All I ask for is a decent, humane treatment from MRC, for which I have done 
so much.

If it was possible to solve this privately, I would have preferred that, 
but regretfully MRC closed that road. On the other hand, this concerns the 
entire MSX community, which has become so dependant of MRC.

If MRC does not contact me within the next few days to solve this in one 
way or another, I will write and post a complete history of events, 
including all the details.
You will then know the true MRC, and you will be able to make a fair judgement.

Again, it is with the deepest regret I undertake these steps. Some MRC 
crewmembers I consider my (close) friends, so I hope you can imagine the 
extend of the impact this makes.