[MSX] MSX Resource Center

Herbert Ackermans msx@stack.nl
Mon May 3 17:38:00 2004

> Even though it was sent as a reaction on GuyveR800's post, it 
> was meant to be a general reaction on the reactions to his 
> post. Sorry if that seemed to differ. I don't expect people 
> to agree, but IMHO it sucks when GuyveR800 decides to put 
> something like this in the open, reactions tend to point more 
> to the negative side of GuyveR800 while the forget about the 
> positive things he did.
> GreeTz, BiFi

It is a sign of childish behaviour, that when you can not settle differences
with a specific group, MRC in this case, you start venting it on all other
non-related forums, lists and newsgroups.

That is incredibly childish and immature. Even the way Patriek seems to have
to resort to threatening to quit, indicates an ineptitude to handle the

Any mature and complete person would have said:"I'm the bigger man, and I
will put this aside me." But no, he starts rampaging around on every forum,
list and NG he can think of, bleating like a wounded sheep how wronged he
is. Well, fine, but that's not going to solve the problem he has with ONE
specific group.

And if that group hurts him so bad, why continue going there? Slight
symptoms of masochistic tendencies? ;-)

No matter what he has done, I gather also from his reactions to my post,
that his personality is more the problem than his contributions.

If you act like a jerk, people will not appreciate you as an individual,
regardles of what you do.

I've seen that happen many times before. People who act childish will never
be treated as equals.