[MSX] MSX Resource Center

Patriek Lesparre msx@stack.nl
Mon May 3 17:50:00 2004

Herbert Ackermans wrote:
>That is incredibly childish and immature. Even the way Patriek seems to have
>to resort to threatening to quit, indicates an ineptitude to handle the

Pardon? Where have I "resort[ed] to threatening to quit"? I have done no 
such thing, even though, surprisingly, it has been mentioned as a 
possibility by others.

>Well, fine, but that's not going to solve the problem he has with ONE
>specific group.

Since this group is so entangled with the MSX community, the way it treats 
its users and people in general is very much everyone's business.

Not doing anything, like you suggest, does not solve the problem either.

Furthermore, the comments you make about my personality, and the way you 
make them, say more about you than me.