[MSX] MSX Resource Center

Laurens Holst msx@stack.nl
Mon May 3 18:24:01 2004

Herbert Ackermans wrote:
> It is a sign of childish behaviour, that when you can not settle differences
> with a specific group, MRC in this case, you start venting it on all other
> non-related forums, lists and newsgroups.

I would agree with that I don't think this is the best way to go. On the 
other hand, the MRC itself basically silenced him so on the one place 
where this would be considered on-topic is not an option.

Besides, your initial reply wasn't very mature either.

> That is incredibly childish and immature. Even the way Patriek seems to have
> to resort to threatening to quit,

Oh? Where?

> Any mature and complete person would have said:"I'm the bigger man, and I
> will put this aside me."

Alas, this is not true. May I remind you of the recent case in Dutch 
politics, where Pronk called sending asile seekers home 'deportation', 
and ministre Verdonk subsequently refused to talk to him and his 
foundation until he resigned? As you see, grown men, mature and complete 
persons (I hope, as one of them is reigning our country and the other 
used to), yet still engaging in a public mudfight about one word (which 
wasn't at all that much off reality, people don't leave their country 
and homes for the fun of it. But that's a different topic :))...

Seriously, if you think this is truely the case, you must be pretty 
blind to reality. This happens all the time, just read the newspaper 
(and the tabloids :)), and disagreements between groups have also always 
been part of MSX history. And as I said before, not everyone employs the 
same amount of tact. It is human nature. Live with it.

> Well, fine, but that's not going to solve the problem he has with ONE
> specific group.

I think you are probably right on that. That's why I expressed some doubt.

However, on the other hand posting about it in a public forum also makes 
sense. If he alone says to the MRC that their policy sucks, nothing will 
change. If there are other people who agree with that however, they can 
make a 'front'. Maybe the MRC will then see that it is not 'just' 
Guyver. It is frustrating to see something which is not right, and 
having to stand alone in making a case of it. I experienced that myself 
a few years ago at my work (although I did get my way in the end - 
somewhat :)). It was especially annoying to see that others raised the 
*exact* same objections a year later. 'Why didn't they say so when it 
concerned *me*!', was my general line of thought.

And as it is a matter which concerns the prime MSX forum and news site's 
policy and application of censorship, I would agree it is definately an 
issue that concerns 'the public'.

> And if that group hurts him so bad, why continue going there? Slight
> symptoms of masochistic tendencies? ;-)

The MRC is the center of most MSX related news and discussion nowadays. 
Stop frequenting the MRC basically means isolating yourself from the MSX 
community. So don't make such a thing sound like a trivial decision.


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