[MSX] MRC and GuyveR800

Sander Zuidema msx@stack.nl
Sun May 9 12:33:02 2004

 During the past days MRC and GuyveR800 have mailed about the conflict that
recently arose and found its way to the MSX mailinglist, newsgroup and MRC
fora. First of all: we are sorry that circumstances and miscommunication
have lead to things getting public. It should not have happened.

As stated in the initial post of this thread, GuyveR800 was banned for a
week from the MRC, after flaming a moderator who had just moderated one of
GuyveR800's reactions to a newspost. However, the reason for that moderation
was part of a sudden and temporary policy change, related to an internal
discussion between MRC admins about whether or not to apply stricter
moderation rules.

Because all the events that had just happened, because of the content of the
join our team form and because of reasonable assumptions, the 'join our
team'-form sent by GuyveR800 during his ban was treated differently than any
other 'join our team'-form, namely as an application for an admin instead as
an application for a moderator. The MRC team will try and prevent similar
things from happening in the future.

The entire MRC team and GuyveR800 would like to apologize for allowing this
situation to arise and not being able to solve this problem in a satisfying
way internally. With this post, both GuyveR800 and MRC consider this
situation as a 'case closed'. Now, lets all focus on MSX again!

The MRC team
and Patriek Lesparre