[MSX] Chase HQ cas file

Ivan Latorre msx@stack.nl
Sun May 30 12:13:01 2004

Manuel Bilderbeek wrote:

> Same happens here.
> Try if this game runs from this WAV on a real machine: connect the 
> sound out of your PC to your MSX cassette port and try to load the 
> game. If it doesn't run, there's still something wrong with the 
> sample. If it does run, we may have found a bug in openMSX.

Now I only own a turboR :(
But even if I had a MSX with tape connector I haven't got the appropiate 
lead to connect it to a PC (or could I use the normal MSX cassette lead 
to connect the MSX to the PC?).

> On what machine should it definately run? I tried the Goldstar FC-200.

The game worked in my real Sony HB-501P and it should run with any MSX 
computer with at least 64 Kb of RAM.

Could you put the *.rar compressed file somewhere? My arrakis account is 
full. Then people could test the *.wav file.