[MSX] Chase HQ cas file

Eduardo Robsy Petrus msx@stack.nl
Mon May 31 10:46:01 2004

I have never found anything like a "filter" in the cassette entry. At the 
moment, I am able to recognize data at 11000 bauds in a 3,5 MHz MSX. And the 
speed could be even higher using a more detailed format (let's say, a 64 KHz 
sound card) and a faster CPU (Z80 at 6/7 MHz).

Anyway, 11000 bauds (real speed) is not very reliable. 8700 bauds is 100% 
compatible if you use a decent CD player or a PC. I love to load games in 
just a few seconds. 8 KB ROMs take about 12 seconds to load (including the 
special loader!).


Ed Robsy

>From: David Heremans <dhran@planetinternet.be>
>Reply-To: msx@stack.nl
>To: msx@stack.nl
>Subject: Re: [MSX] Chase HQ cas file
>Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 08:05:21 +0200
>On Mon, May 31, 2004 at 02:51:14AM +0200, Laurens Holst wrote:
> > Btw, the wav file working on a real MSX but not on openMSX does not
> > really say that there is a 'bug' in openMSX I think? You can change the
> > volume of the wave output and depending on the the MSX might load or not
> > load the tape? It could be called a lacking feature ofcourse, missing a
> > cassette volume control :) (if it actually does).
>I also remember from my early days that some models are much more
>sensitive about the signal then others. My VG8020 could hardly read some
>tapes, while the same tape used on a Sony would load without a glitch.
>It was common knowledge those days that any Philips machine was much
>more pickier about its signal then the Sony machines.
>I always have thought that this was due to the difference in a possible
>RC-filter on the cas-in port (but I never actually checked this though)
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