[MSX] MSX-Audio BIOS upgrade for Music Module

FRS schmidlin at gmail.com
Tue May 3 23:38:13 CEST 2005

Hi Francis!

> I found the error.
> In the gif file of the schematic A13 of the erom shows it should not be 
> connected! This is wrong!
> A13 pin 26 of the 27c256 should be insterted into the eprom socket!

Ops! You're right. I forgot to color the pin when documenting the kit. 
I'll fix this ASAP.

> All is fine now!!

Great! I hope you like it. Have you already tested it with the Compile 
games? Xevious, Rune Master-2 and Golvellius-2 sound great, since the 
drumkit is better!  :)

Try also the ADPCM commands:



Now your BASIC programs can play ADPCM samples. And much better than the 
CALL PCMPLAY command of the Turbo-R, since it doesn't lock the CPU while 

> Can an extra call command "call music" (same command as call audio)
> be added to make the rom very compatible for msx music and msx audio.
> Saves te trouble of editing basic programs.

There's room for that, but as Y8950 and YM2413 don't have the same 
capabilities, it would not be wise to do so. And if you have an MSX 
turbo-R, the MSX-Music would aways catch the CALL MUSIC first, because 
it's in a lower slot.

If you have an MSX Turbo-R, you'll have to use it in Z80 mode. The BIOS 
try it's best to avoid writing too fast, but the R800 is just to fast 
for it. You'll note that some notes will be missing in R800 modes. I 
wonder if MSX2+ with turbo (WSX, Expert-3 or the 7MHz kits) will work 
with it.

The Turbo-R internal MSX-Music BIOS is prepared to handle the R800 
modes. Probably that's why they put it in slot 0, so it will aways be 
used even if you insert an external FM-PAC.

> Thanks FRS!

You're welcome.  :)

Best regards,

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