[MSX] reviving JoyNet

Michiel Weel Michiel.Weel at Globalcollect.com
Fri May 20 10:12:03 CEST 2005

Hey Pats :)

Couldn't you just write this in MSX-C? Should be right up there with
ANSI-C, right?
Just some other ports & stuff, by the way when are we gonna sort the
MSX's ?

Cheers mate!

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RE > Hi Folks,
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RE > Not long ago I got some new MSX stuff and while sorting 
RE > things from one of my cable-bags, I found my old JoyNet 
RE > cable again. Realising that there were hardly any 
RE > games/apps made, I thought it was probably due to the fact 
RE > there was never really written a good protocol for it. So 
RE > last night I started figuring things out again and came up 
RE > with a pretty decent _theoretical_ protocol. Since I'm not 
RE > really an MSX programmer, this is where you guys come in :)
RE > 
RE > First of all I still have a couple of questions.
RE > I remember that the joystick ports status gets 'changed' 
RE > when interrupts are enabled. Is this 1 status the ports 
RE > change to, or does it change randomly/continuously? If 
RE > it's a stable status, which bits get set and which bits unset?
RE > 
RE > Finally, is there interest in opening a discussion on this 
RE > mailinglist, or should I find someone to help me implement 
RE > this in private?
RE > 
RE > Greets,
RE > 
RE >    Patsie
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