[MSX] MSX Assembly Page updated

Laurens Holst lholst at students.cs.uu.nl
Thu Dec 7 16:16:53 CET 2006

Laurens Holst schreef:
> Ricardo Bittencourt schreef:
>> Laurens Holst wrote:
>>> Expect more new content on the MAP soon. I have a little (ahem)
>>> backlog, but I want to work through that from now on :). Also, if you
>>> have anything you would like to add, please let us know.
>> Why don't you change the MAP into a wiki? MAP is a great resource, but
>> it could be better if there were more updates, and currently your free
>> time seems to be a bottleneck. Changing it into a wiki would remove this
>> bottleneck, as anyone could make an update.
> Yes, I was thinking about that too. My primary objection with a wiki 
> is the lack of semantic XHTML purity (instead using some awkward 
> text-based markup), but I suppose that’s not really important :).
> I will look into turning the MAP into a wiki. 

I was also considering some php.net-like commenting system, which works 
really well on that site.


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