[MSX] Fastcopy source available on the MSX plaza

Albert Beevendorp bifi at msxnet.org
Tue Jul 18 14:16:23 CEST 2006

At 13:43 18-7-06 , you wrote:
>Why does Fastcopy 3.0 not work on my Philips nms 8250/00?
>It says my BIOS or hardware is incompatible.
>I get the same error message when running it with attached IDE harddisk on
>my Turbo R, but when the IDE is disconnected, it works fine.
>Greetz, Hapzee

That usually means the incorrect FDC driver module isn't loaded. I your 
case the FDC driver module for the MSXturboR is loaded. There should be a 
selector file in the package to tell fastcopy it should load that 
particular driver file.

I hope Alex will also release the format tool using those driver modules, 
since IIRC it also contains a routine to detect the FDC and load the 
correct file automatically.

GreeTz, BiFi

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