[MSX] MSX fair Bussum update

Laurens Holst lholst at students.cs.uu.nl
Fri Sep 8 20:42:44 CEST 2006

Laurens Holst schreef:
> Laurens Holst schreef:
>> As for the Marathon, the update of 2006-07-16 mentioned that there 
>> was no confirmation yet, and I have to confess that I still didn’t 
>> get it, but you can assume that there *will* be a ‘full’ Marathon 
>> again this year (meaning that it will last until sunday morning).
> Hi all,
> I confirmed this with the Uitwijk today, so the Marathon will indeed 
> proceed as planned.

Hi all,

Somewhat bad news, the confirmation wasn’t as solid as I thought, and 
due to stricter regulations with regard to permits we can only stay at 
the MSX Marathon until 1 am. :(

People who do not have transportation or prefer to drive on sunday 
morning can stay the night at my parent’s house. We have plenty of room, 
so unless people show up by the dozens it should be no problem. Bring 
your sleeping bag though!


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