[MSX] Castle of Zariostro (or Cagliostro)

Jorge Vidal Wulff jvidal at netexpress.cl
Mon Apr 30 05:39:28 CEST 2007

I have another one called "Arsene lupin in the city", (don't know 
original japanese or english name), it's a vertical scroller, where the 
protagonist makes balloons with chewing gun to attack its enemies. When 
it gets hit, it is sent to some sort of hell where it has to battle with 
fireballs to get back in the game...this one i did finish it (I guess it 
was cheating, altough ;-) )


Laurens Holst escribió:
> Jorge Vidal Wulff schreef:
>> Thank you!
>> Yes, I did ask this same question years ago (what a memory!).
>> Bye!
> It’s an awesome game ^_^.
> ~Grauw
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