[MSX] Routine in code machine for scroll screen MSX

andrea gasparrini andreagasparrini at yahoo.it
Thu Jun 18 10:37:57 CEST 2009

Hi to all you of MSX SYSTEM,

I to write to you, because I have a little problem
with a routine in code machine, because I must 
to move the addresses of the routine.
This routine it has the function of to scroll the
screen of the MSX in mode SCREEN1.
Then this routine to scroll in 4 directions of the
screen on MSX1
Unfortunately I have not the source of this program
in code machine.
If you want I will send a file binary and a source basic than it
inside code machine of this scroll for MSX.

I ask you also of make this new source in assembler
to use CHAOS ASSEMBLER MSX, if it is possible.

I prefer than this routine scroll must to be in address E000H.

But that than to me help, for make a my new project
in basic is than I need only the scroll horizontally left,
as example the scroll level-1 of space Manbow.

I wait your good news  ^_^
See you to soon
Andrea Gasparrini


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