[MSX] Routine in code machine for scroll screen MSX

Albert Beevendorp bifi at msxnet.org
Thu Jun 18 18:44:44 CEST 2009

At 10:37 18-6-09 , you wrote:
>Unfortunately I have not the source of this program
>in code machine.
>If you want I will send a file binary and a source basic than it
>inside code machine of this scroll for MSX.

- start bluemsx
- load binary file
- pause the emulator
- go to the debugger
- save disassembly (menu option)
- strip the non-required pieces of disassembly from the file.

Then you'd need to do some work on formatting the text to what your 
preferred assembler can work with, though.

GreeTz, BiFi

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