[MSX] GEM v1.01 released

Patrick vampiermsx at gmail.com
Fri Aug 20 00:29:41 CEST 2010

This truly is an amazing gamboy emulator for the msx platform.

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Hi all,

In celebration of GEM's 10th anniversary, GEM v1.0 (and v1.01) was released.
With a small amount of frameskip, most games play fast enough to be enjoyed
and many even run at full speed!

Changes since previous version:
   - Greatly improved sound emulation.
     * Emulated sound lengths.
     * Conversion of GB linear to PSG logarithmic volumes.
     * Noise channel emulation on PSG.
     * Added proper SCC emulation of the GB wave channel.
     * Removed problematic PSG emulation of the GB wave channel.
     * SCC support with accurate emulation of waveforms.
     * Emulated volume envelopes.
     * Partially emulated pitch sweep register.
   - Greatly improved Dynamic Recompiler.
     * Cache purging.
     * Block chaining.
     * Lazy evaluation of CPU registers.
     * Optimized block loops.
     * Static CPU simulation for improved code quality.
     * Optimized block epilogue.
     * Extended blocks beyond conditional jumps.
     * Memory segment tracking.
     * Optimized cache handling.
     * Optimized memory access.
     * Optimized I/O access.
   - Greatly improved memory management.
     * External Memory Mapper support. Large games finally work on MSX
     * Rewrote loading and startup.
     * Proper DOS2 memory handling, GEM now works in all DOS2 environments.
   - Removed F5 key sound switch from configuration mode.
   - Optimized GB Sprite DMA.

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