[MSX] NMS8280 Video Problem

leonardo valencia montagne.leo at gmail.com
Tue Jan 4 18:56:09 CET 2011

dust removal ?
mechanical constraint like a track which is weak and sometimes it does
contact some times not ?
electrostatic discharge ? some charges that were trapped in condesator have
been freed ?

2011/1/4 Maurizio <md9748 at mclink.it>

> I can't belevie this... now it's woking good, no more "waves" on screen and
> no more "fuzzy" music on Unknown Reality...
> I'm sure i'm not dreaming cause i have the mp3 of the music and videos of
> the screen on my phone :)
> I did this:
> - I got a phonola 8280, so i get the video board and put in my philips.
> Video ok but the music still fuzzy.
> - But Jipe asked: "this old video board word fine with a V9938 in a other
> 8280 ?"
> - Good question, so i put the "bad" video board into the phonola wich is
> not modified in any way, and the video is ok... I can test UR because it has
> just 128k ram.
> - So i put back the "bad" board in the philips, and everything is ok.
> Please tell me, what the hell is happened? :)
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